Weekly Time Goal / Monthly Distance Goal- Workout Time and Workout km not added

(W oody TeamODZ) #1


my weekly time Goal is not shown correct.

This week i had a 1h45min - Ride (appr. 1h15 in Workout Mode, the rest “free riding”)…

My weekly Time Goal - only 0,4 hours ?? the time in workout mode is missing…

The same with my Monthly Distance Goal - km in Workout Mode are missing…

Cheers for fixing this…

(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Woody - 

Where are you checking your goal progress, in game or on Zwift Companion?

Did you have any issues with the workout activities saving?

(W oody TeamODZ) #3

Hi Lindsay,

In Game and on Zwift Companion - results are the same.

Saving went fine - no problem here.

Thank you.