Weekly goal met - not true [March 20,2024]

I see - I think - on every first ride of the week a message “weekly goal met, 5 hours!” But it was only a ride of half an hour and the first of the week. Maybe I am seeing it wrong but it seems weird to me.

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I just completed my weekly goal and when I went into my goals after my ride it said I had 31.4 km and 7 days to complete my 100km. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I have been getting this exact same problem for the past few months. As soon as I start my first ride of the week I get the “Weekly goal met” banner.

Same here. Almost every ride I get the ‘Weekly goal met!’ banner even though I’m nowhere near my goal of 3 hours.

Hello all,

Thank you for raising this issue. We’re looking into it at HQ.

@Rob_Kemper, from your post, it looks like this issue has been around a little while- it may be something Zwifters are overlooking or it may only be affecting a smaller group.