Weekly Cycling miles goal calculation almost fixed


I’ve got a weekly goal set for cycling a distance of 100 miles.

This normally calculates fine and has been this week until I completed a ride today.

It was around 89 miles beforehand and after today it should be showing a total of 123 miles but instead it’s dropped down to 39.8?!

And help here?..


I noticed the same thing. Strange since it normally works fine. I even got the in-game message that I completed my distance and time goal, but the companion app shows I am missing time and distance.

It’s much better to use TSS or kJ for weekly stats. Tracking distance, even when riding outside, isn’t the way to do it.

That is why im not to bothered by it, but it is strange that it is wrong.

I track all my stats on Golden cheatha.

I had the same issue this week and a few weeks ago. I reported it to support when it happened the first time. Once again, horrible QA. Will they fix it? I doubt it.

Same Error, km and Time wrong!

I think I have found what is going on with the goal counter. It seems like once you reach your goal it starts to subtract from the total. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@shooj can you please let the developer team know.


i do have the same problem.
set my goal on 100km. had 72km already in my bank. finished yesterday a 30km ride and droped to 55km…
Even it´s just a game . . .please fix it

I did 71km today with a weekly total of 229 i now have a total of 129 km…???

yeah, same problem here - weekly time goal showing about half of what i’ve actually done.

hopefully totals aren’t affected?

Look like Zwift fixed this.

Good job Thanks Guys.


yeah - mine was fine this week too

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Fixed but still not 100%.

It seem like the Distance and Time goal follow different calender’s or start times.

You can see that Sunday at 15:15EST the goals was correct, but later Sunday evening 21:16EST the distance goal has reset but not the time goal.