Goal Feature

Not sure if you all are aware, but the goal feature you all added last week, it worked.  this week its showing 18 miles.  I’m 102 miles in and my shortest was 25 so not sure where 18 is even coming from.


Liked the feature to keep on track but last three days it hasn’t worked.

Thank you.


Also the orange circle that progresses around the calendar date is not showing up for those days either. 

Hi Jay -

Unfortunately the last update introduced an issue that is causing the ride activities on the calendar on the Start screen to render incorrectly, which is in turn affecting your goals.

We are very sorry about this bug, and have already introduced and tested a fix in house that will be released in our next update.

In the meantime, you still log into your dashboard and check your activities there, and with a little math, see if you are on track for your weekly goals. I promise we’ll have the in game tracker working again soon.

I hope this helps! Ride on!