Goal achieved banner

On the last two occasions I’ve achieved my weekly goal the usual banner has not appeared to celebrate the fact! Just wondering if it’s a fault? A friend has noticed it too…

No widespread reports of it. I use it each run and its always working.

Give us more details about your setup and how you’re setting the goals.

Hi Stuart. This problem only arose last week; it was fine before then so I’m not sure what’s changed. As I say my mate’s noticed it too. I’m set at 90 riding miles per week through the companion app. The goal achieved orange bar has registered the goal as completed but it just didn’t appear on my screen as I was riding. It’s not a problem really of course but it’d be nice to know when I hit it! Not sure what I could do to rectify it. I use a wahoo Kickr, Bluetooth through my MacBook mirrored to my TV.