When does week reset for weekly goals

Harsh, Mike. Harsh. :smiley:


Thank you @shooj . It sounds like they might want to look into that then because a number of us seem to have had different experiences. That definitely was not the case for me last weekend. Thanks!

Did anybody remember to check this over the weekend? I was asleep… :wink:

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@Daren probably forgot because of his old age


Sorry, couldn’t resist!


So proof that I am not crazy (my wife would disagree but that is another story)

Time 16:25 all is fine.

Time 20:45 see the Weekly distance Goal had reset but not the Time goal. I asume the Distance goal did reset 20:00.

So the distance and time goals does not reset at the same time.


I was asleep!

Actually, no I’m lying. I was watching Netflix (The Letter for the King and Brooklyn Nine Nine, since you asked). So yes, I forgot. =)

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no Tiger King?

I haven’t heard of this. It’s No. 1 in the UK today, Netflix tells me. Might give it a go tonight!

it’s wild, I’ve only watched about 30 minutes of it and then my kids came into the room so I shut it off.

This is so strange that the settings wouldn’t be standard for either:

  1. Every user based on their device settings, OR…
  2. Standard based on the core server location.

Hmmm… :thinking:


For what it’s worth, I’ve noted that the weekly summary e-mails Zwift send out on Mondays do not always match my weekly totals. Last week, for example was off by about 93 miles, and listed my longest ride at 38 miles when I actually did one that was 70. I can see all of the activities on my.zwift.com, so I’m at a loss as to why the summary would be different.

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I saw the same thing.

Definitely some issues there.

My weekly email that arrived today completely omitted the ride that I completed at around 11:20am Sunday morning (UK time). I assume the change to British Summertime doesn’t cause this?