Reset weekly goal

I see that my weekly goal is not resetting by its own, don’t know if its already know by other members? Its a couple weeks now

Hi @Denny_van_Veluw

Welcome to the Forums!

I thought the weekly goals were supposed to reset on Mondays. It’s Sunday (at least where I am), so perhaps that’s why it hasn’t reset yet.

If that doesn’t help, have you tried deleting and recreating the goal?

Hi Steven,

I repeatedly tried to remove the goal and set a new one, but then again no reset.

This monday morning, after 2 weeks i see now that it is resetted, so that’s great.

I dont know if this is a problem that u hear more or if i am the only one? But for me the problem is solved.

Hi @Denny_van_Veluw

It’s great to hear that the goal eventually did reset and that the issue for you has been resolved for now!

I’ve seen this kind of issue sporadically, but I also know that Zwift’s developers are looking to improve or rework the goals feature.

I would expect that when these changes eventually happen, issues like what you’ve described should (with any luck) become a thing of the past.