Please end the schedule - worlds are getting crowded

The schedule thing made sense way back when, when there were 1k riders at once and only two worlds. Now there’s five worlds, some of which I personally like more than others and would prefer to ride on more regularly. I feel like I’ve been living in New York and haven’t been able to ride in London in over a month even though I really like that course. Or on any given day, I may feel really good and want to go for an Alpe du Zwift PR, but if it doesn’t happen to be Watopia day, I’m out of luck.

But I don’t think that’s even the main issue now. The user base is higher than it has been and the maps are just so crowded now. New York literally feels like New York in terms of population density, and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

There are already a few threads about this (some have now been locked), here is the main on: World Switching Please

Also, it sounds like it’s coming soon.

I’m a little disappointed in this since I just joined. First, I thought there were more than just 5 courses. This doesn’t make any sense to me. How are there not literally hundreds if not thousands of courses to choose from?

Then between the whopping 5 courses we get dealt whichever one for that day?

There are some seriously antiquated ideals in this game.

Overall I enjoy this but I’m looking for a better program for my smart trainer. I would think that Zwift would be trying to make this a top priority…not having their customers look for something else.