2 Days of Innsbruck!?

over the next month, 2 days only of innsbruck? you are really starting to pee me off with the world enforcement. and can you do the basic decency of providing a changelog after an update instead of reducing us to scowering the internet for a rumor of what might be in it. poor show all round. and please, since we seem to be on watopia for a month, can you finally sort the alpe du hez timer! it still makes no sense. i forget which version this is, possibly third. these are basics zwift, how are you not seeing it? i think you are actually trolling us now.

You can use the World Tag hack to ride any course you wish. We just had a month of way too much Innsbruck, so it’s nice to see a lot of Watopia on the schedule.

When you open the ZCA you will see what was updated.


i know i can use the hack. and ride on a deserted world with the occasional underground race peleton blasting past. no thanks. it should be in game. day after the most epic world champs you would think people want to ride the actual course, odd decision, but thats zwift. im sick of moaning, but its so frustrating.


If you want world swapping make it known by voting up this post here: World Switching Please

Your voice matters, more than you might think! :ride_on:


Really frustrating, paying for one of the most expensive training apps and being forced to ride the world that Zwift enforcers

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I was absolutely sick of Innsbruck after those 8 days. Long live Watopia!


I thought Innsbruck was great, it was brilliant to watch the World Champs and know what was coming around the next bend. It’s a nice touch for the devs to add these courses as specials once in a while.

What I have a problem with is having to advance levels to open up other bits of courses. As someone who prefers to ride outside with the short amount of spare time I have, I don’t amass levels quickly. It’s a bit irritating that I pay a subscription and that things aren’t available to me. Kits, bikes etc? Fine, use those as unlocks for levels but not the core of the game that I pay to use.

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If you want to ride different worlds it is really easy (although boring seeing not many other riders)…

  1. Look up Zwift calendar, remember any date that shows the world you want to ride
  2. Go to your PC settings - change Date and Time.
  3. Manually change the date to the date of the world you want to ride and save
  4. Open Zwift and you will be in the world you want
  5. Don’t forget to change the date back when you’re finished

This takes me about 2 minutes max and allows you to ride any world when you want, although there is a forum with a vote to ask for this “change world” option - go vote there

Russel thanks for your input, I am aware of it, i hope some people find it useful. For me though, this is not candy crush. Im not going to be messing around with my computer’s clock. Soon I may be parting with 15£ monthly for zwift, is that the best they can do for everyone? I don’t think it’s good enough.

I agree totally! Who wants to cycle in NYC? Not me. I would like to be able to choose any world at any time - but I don’t want to ride alone. If this isn’t possible, then lets at least ensure that all worlds get an equal number of days. For example, if there are 5 worlds and 30 days in the month, then each world should get 6 days in the month. Thoughts?

In that case I would prefer the current schedule.

The most easiest solution is one big world with all courses in it.

Maybe Zwift could go half way to meet the request of total world choice.

Perhaps we could have a choice of two worlds each day? Watopia and
London being the main worlds with the other 3 as secondary worlds?

I, like James Young, don’t want to ride alone.

I also quite like Alexander’s idea of one big connected world.

Looking forward to Richmond. Haven’t been there in ages.
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