Too much Innsbruck

(Matt Morris) #1

Does anyone else think there’s too much Innsbruck on the calendar?

(Petri Paasikunnas) #2

I agree. We want freedom to select the place where ride…

(Robert Bennett 🚀) #3

Just go to and get zwift preferences and ride anywhere you want. Easy to use

(+ Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #4

Only on Windows…

(Selino Valdes) #5

I use it on Mac. Works fine.

(Petri Paasikunnas) #6

What about in the iPad app? So I want that we get an app which is programmed by Zwift to do the selection, thank you. We are paying customers, are we not?

(Erik Schumacher) #7

No, that’s no solution, because it does not work for Apple TV Users.

(Chris Holton) #8

or android users!

(Andrew Nicholson) #9

I think this post is out of date as Innsbruck is only on 2 days in October:

Watopia is scheduled for 20 days but from the sound of the latest Zwiftcast the New York course is likely to launch in the next couple of weeks.

Having 5 courses makes the need for world switching even more overwhelming.

(Martin Harris) #10

What about a singularity that you ride into, to pop out in another world. Its a game after all. Anythings possible. Or perhaps a tunnel here and there to link all the worlds together. Then you could have a few “round the world” courses.

(Petri Paasikunnas) #11

Excellent idea!

Petri Paasikunnas

email and phone # removed

(Chris Holton) #12

not sure adding contact details to a public forum is the best idea!

(Chris Holton) #13

I think the problem with that is strava integration - it would make for a very very weird “GPS” plot

(Erik Schumacher) #14

I absolutely agree with you.

(Martin Harris) #15

Mmm, had not thought of that. It could terminate one ride, starting another perhaps. :thinking:

(Todd Taylor) #16

Innsbruck is my least favorite course on Zwift… you either spin around in a short circle in town or have to climb a mounting with not much in between. I’d be fine if it was on the calendar less… which will probably happen now that the New York course is live.

(Gillian Gregory) #17

Agree. We use iPad or Apple TV. Hacks only work on computer. This should be an option in the app.

(Cedric Charest) #18

I like Innsbruck, now it’s there once a month! :frowning:

It would be nicer is Innsbruck gets extensions to have a real option, as I’m getting tired on Watopia and London!

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #19

mate remove your email and phone from the post and never reply to any forums thru email again, it is not safe.

(why even Zwift has that option enabled)