Too much Innsbruck

Does anyone else think there’s too much Innsbruck on the calendar?

I agree. We want freedom to select the place where ride…


Just go to and get zwift preferences and ride anywhere you want. Easy to use

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Only on Windows…

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I use it on Mac. Works fine.

What about in the iPad app? So I want that we get an app which is programmed by Zwift to do the selection, thank you. We are paying customers, are we not?

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No, that’s no solution, because it does not work for Apple TV Users.

or android users!

I think this post is out of date as Innsbruck is only on 2 days in October:

Watopia is scheduled for 20 days but from the sound of the latest Zwiftcast the New York course is likely to launch in the next couple of weeks.

Having 5 courses makes the need for world switching even more overwhelming.

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What about a singularity that you ride into, to pop out in another world. Its a game after all. Anythings possible. Or perhaps a tunnel here and there to link all the worlds together. Then you could have a few “round the world” courses.


Excellent idea!

Petri Paasikunnas

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not sure adding contact details to a public forum is the best idea!

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I think the problem with that is strava integration - it would make for a very very weird “GPS” plot

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I absolutely agree with you.

Mmm, had not thought of that. It could terminate one ride, starting another perhaps. :thinking:

Innsbruck is my least favorite course on Zwift… you either spin around in a short circle in town or have to climb a mounting with not much in between. I’d be fine if it was on the calendar less… which will probably happen now that the New York course is live.

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Agree. We use iPad or Apple TV. Hacks only work on computer. This should be an option in the app.

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I like Innsbruck, now it’s there once a month! :frowning:

It would be nicer is Innsbruck gets extensions to have a real option, as I’m getting tired on Watopia and London!

mate remove your email and phone from the post and never reply to any forums thru email again, it is not safe.

(why even Zwift has that option enabled)