World Switching Please

Good idea! I think the best solution would be Watopia Always on and everyday another alternative course…


yes, it would be ideal to have more flexibility… good suggestion!


Agree it would be good to choose worlds, not sure how it works with races, training and group rides though?

I know there is a hack but would love to see this in zwift itself!

Portale is a fun idea

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A World switch on ATV4K would be great as there is no world hack available.


Yet another vote. In fact, this is going to to be a “make or break” for me in terms of continuing on with my Zwift subscription this winter. That will be especially if we keep having to ride in Innsbruck (I’d give a lot to be able to avoid that “world” entirely). I can’t understand why this isn’t already a feature.


Yea…tunnels. Because then you can have some round the worlds routes. Would be a lot of fun. The london course has distance collapsing tunnels out to the country, why not some spaceships, tunnels, planes and bridges to ride from one world to another. Some of these could be from hard to get to places on the map.

Then the ability to pop your character to whichever start point you prefer before you start.

The force fields could be regulated by numbers and one way sometimes. There could be some kind of way to see the numbers inside. Like when carparks have how many free slots are left. That way, the gate itself could tell you how many people are on the other side…then you have the choice.


Please, please, please for all that is holy, implement this feature! As an iOS user and not a hardcore cyclist (I mainly use Zwift for rest days from running; when injured etc) it’s so frustrating to not be able to select a circuit that matches what I want to do and/or my ability.

Innsbruck is great, but most of the circuits are just too tough going for me at the level I’m at (or too short and repetitive) and as I don’t use it more than a couple of days a week, it’s very common for me to pitch up and struggle to find a good course.

Anyway, whinge over!


Definitely agree with this one, not keen on using the hack as it can become complicated if you get it wrong

Just look at the Zwift calendar, see the date of the world you want to ride, go to your PC/Mac settings and change the date and time to the date that matches the world you want to ride and then open Zwift. This is simple with not much risk of anything going wrong!

World selection is the only thing i am missing on Zwift. I am on ATV, so no chance to work with the world hack.

World switching needs to happen. There are enough riders at any given time at this point where no course would feel empty.

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It is a joke that you can’t change worlds at this point. Leave the calendar and a suggested world for the day and it will likely fill with the bulk of the people if Zwift is worried about empty levels. I would prefer to have fewer people on the roads of Zwift instead of being in a stream of people much of the time. It seems I actually engage and ride with people more when there are fewer people around.


Respond please zwift, hope is worse that truth. Just tell us no if it’s no. And please explain.


Riding an event operating is another world is another option. This happens far as I can tell every day. Since I discovered this I am less fussy about the world hack capability missing on Apple TV

Me thinks put a Stargate in each world map!

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lukas ranicar, I 100% agree. I don’t understand why Zwift is being silent on this. This has to be the #1 requested feature

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No thanks for me, 1 vote against.

Duncan, how could being able to choose where to ride possibly be a bad thing for the Zwift user?