World Switching Please

(Maarten Geijsberts) #41

+1 for me. There are days when I’m riding the same course over and over, just because I can’t change worlds. In this situation it would be verry nice to have the option standard and not having to use any of the suggested hacks.

(Chris Holton) #42

To people who currently use the hack:

how many people are generally riding on the courses that aren’t scheduled? are they empty? I don’t want to be lonely!

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #43

There are usually under a 100 people doing Watopia on none scheduled days. Likes like the days when they had the blue man group riding around.

(Chris Holton) #44

I remember those days!!

I bet Richmond is a little empty these days!

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #45

I don’t mind Richmond, it was Innsbruck that caused me to using the hack for the first time.

(Chris Holton) #46

I like Richmond too but i’d guess most people wouldn’t choose it

(Thomas Trummer) #47

I’ve cancelled my subscription today since I’m really tired of London. How is this situation still a thing?

(Artur Kubinski) #48

A World switch on ATV4K

(David Oram) #49

Totally agree. Yes, one can use the Insider fix to visit any World so why not offer it to all. It would then allow more Zwifters to enjoy all of the routes on offer. I actually found it difficult when planning the vEveresting challenge not being able to choose. Firstly, I needed 2 days of Watopia as I had selected the Alps as my Mountain. Secondly, I had to wait for the Zwift Schedule for October to be published and then I had to prepare and get time off work. If I could have planned all of this up front knowing that 2 days of Watopia were available every day life would have been so much easier.

So, do us all a favour and give us a Menu where we can select the Course. This must be very simple to do.

(David Fong (Engineered)) #50

At the moment there seem to be two types of world, those that feel real-world and those that are a bit more fantasy. As much as I appreciate the creativity of the fantasy New York, it does continually remind me that I’m riding indoors which is exactly what I don’t want to be reminded of - so if I could avoid it I would be happy. I agree with a previous comment - I don’t necessarily think you need all 5 worlds available - but perhaps just a choice of 2.

(Zach Johnston) #51

I really, really dislike the fantasy NYC course and it would be nice to not be forced to ride there without going around it manually.

(David Stokes) #52

@Zach_Johnston For NYC, you can set the route to be the perimeter road, then it just uses the proper, real-world roads and never gets onto the highline. I preferred the non-future scenery.

Definitely agree that we should have at least some option about the world we ride - maybe a choice of 2 or 3 always available so you have the ability to opt out if there’s one you particularly dislike. Maybe even have a primary and secondary world for each calendar day - have the primary in blocks of a week or so to tie in with new launches and events, and cycle through the secondaries on a daily basis.

I’d used Zwift a few times in the past and recently signed up; I was puzzled that there wasn’t an option to switch - I didn’t even realise it wouldn’t be a thing!

(Jon Edwards) #53

NYC is crushing my frame rate on a MacBook. I would like to world switch away from very crowded, small maps until I have the spend for better hardware.

(Larry Bowe) #54

I dislike the Blade Runner feel of the course
Plus believe it or not my vertigo was triggered by the see through elevated highway!

(Paul Slama) #55

I too would vote for world switching. I am on a free trial trying to decide if I should ante up for the monthly. But between this issue and maps not displaying on the companion app, I am wondering about the maturity of the program and responsiveness of the programmers. Training is a very personal endeavor and choices in tools make training more effective with more personal results.

(David Armstrong TX Zhr E) #56

[quote=“Paul_Allen, post:45, topic:13435”]
, it was Innsbruck that caused me to using the hack for the first time.
I love London and Watapia the best of the worlds because they have enough of everything you might want. Innsbruk has no flat course. doing 1 min vo2 hill clime each time around is a pain when your looking for steady miles.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #57

ZwiftInsider posted a hack to change it to a paved road the other day.

(Larry Bowe) #58

Thanks Paul
Yes I got it…and it works, still a boring ride I understand why they made it a see through highway there is a need for some distraction. I’m just glad I can avoid the dizziness!

(The Penski) #59

World switching might be useful at this point with only 5 worlds but Zwifting will fast become a boring & solitary experience once there are more worlds available.

If the feature ever comes, maybe a decent compromise could be a limited selection; from the choice of 2 worlds at a time or similar.

(Thomas Wittmann) #60

My vote for world/server selection.
It would be great, if it would be possible to select a server by population of zwifters :+1:
It’s pretty crowded sometimes.

Ride on!