placement during a race

(Bill Manion EVR (B)) #1

At the end of the race you can see your placement where you ended up.  I was thinking it would be nice to have your position (placement) during the race.  Something small where you could just check on the screen or mobile app.


(Scott Willbanks (SCU)) #2

It would be nice to have somewhere on the screen a number to see what position you currently are at. Even if it’s lie 29/250. It’s so hard sometimes figuring out where you are in the pack because you really can’t see everybody. It would also make you try harder knowing this information.

(Scott Willbanks (SCU)) #3

However this really needs to be in the feature request.


(Neil Melville WBR (B)) #4

Yes, youve got a lot of folks interesting in racing with the new year promotion but with the larger fields it would be really motivating to have a virtual chalk board to know how we rank during the race. I’m never going to be at the front but knowing that if I can catch that guy up the road will put me in the top 30 would be great.