route display

it is very difficult too follow the adjustments in the grade along the route. the partial route is shown too condensed and the entire route is shown too small.

it would be great to display the course along the entire bottom of the screen instead of the small section in the top right. this is how cycleops virtual training does it. it is a much different experience being able to clearly see what is coming up.



Or maybe an option or keyboard button press to ghost a map of where you are on the course.

So for example, if you press the V Key, you get visual map in bottom left of where you are but see through so you can still see where you are and the picture etc ??

I agree on both the above suggestions. Being able to see where you are on the whole course is important to know how far the finish banners are. Helps to reconcile how long a ride will be.

+1 this may not be necessary if 100+ laps have been completed on Watopia, but right now I get confused where to go on the intersections

Yep, I like the idea of a line along the bottom, similar to workout mode. It’s an area of the screen that you don’t really look at so much and would only need to be a fairly thin line


I totally agree. Would love to have the info on the bottom

I think that it would be a great adition.
That and a full map (even in small size), simiar to does that car race games have, where you see all the map. This would be a great adition to understand if I turn left or go straigh, where I would go on the full map…



what i am looking for is a two dimensional course graph, just as in the photo with my original post. is also difficult when there is a sudden increase or decrease in the grade without warning.  these improvements would help us know what is coming up.  a vertical line on the course graph to signify when a changes in grade will occur.



At certain points along a given course, there are times when the profile almost completely disappears.  I often do not know where I am on a course, how much climbing is to come, or the overall gradient.  It seems to me things that dictate one’s intensity (gradient and length) are all but lost in the current user experience.  Seeing a small subsection of the course with a bunch of dots (other riders) may be helpful in a race, but is all but useless for general ride planning. The course profile along the full screen lower edge, as initially suggested, would be ideal.  Further, in selecting a course to ride, it would be nice to see a course profile at that time.  It’s nice to know total climbing and distance, but there is a big difference between a 20 mile with 2000ft of climbing in one climb versus several shorter climbs.  I want to know the course before I choose it, just like I do outside.  Should be pretty easy to add both of these.