Better mini map

Once a route is selected, it seems like the profile graph of the mini mapp is not always correct and changes totally as I ride through the chosen route. Why is that? Very missleading!

Some are good, some are rubbish. I remember it being annoying when I first started Zwifting, now I don’t really look at it.

One of the worst is if you are doing the short loop in Innsbruck; profile shows the whole mountain.

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Or almost any road in France as it shows Ventoux and due to the scale of that climb makes all other French roads look flat which they are not.


London will end up being a solid box, instead of the elevation graph, as you go up any of the big climbs, and then “fix” itself as you descend. That’s been broken for quite some time.


Agreed, others have complained about that issue as well. The issue there seems to be that the minimap displays whatever was defined as the main route for the map or map section you are on. Problem is, there are more routes than just this ‘main’ route, so the mini map often doesn’t line up with reality. I know I have done rides before where my rider icon changes direction unexpectedly in the middle of the profile. I eventually figured out that the displayed profile doesn’t necessarily correspond to my current route, but still…

At the very least, it seems like if I went and chose a particular route from the main screen, or if I signed up for a ride so the route was specified that way, the mini map should display the profile of the selected route. If I go and manually turn during the ride, then I can accept that all bets may be off.

Another issue for me is that coming from the iPad app, I only realized today that there’s a directional arrow on my icon on the route profile. Without knowing that, i often couldn’t tell if I was supposed to be traveling left or right. It’s hard to see on a mobile device, and it’s not that easy to see on my laptop either.