Mini map Profile scrolling

The profile at the bottom of the mini map is good, but not always easy to follow. It would be easier to follow if the riders icon stayed static in the middle or slightly to the side of the map and the elevation profile scrolled along to show where you were, thus also easily indicating which direction you were travelling. 

I can’t say that I noticed before the map update, but a change in direction takes quite a delay of 7+ seconds for the elevation profile to change on the bottom of the map to the new directions profile. 

Also be able to zoom in the elevation profile.  I find it hard to realize the upcoming changes in slope of the road.

Elevation profile is useless like that. Its for me one of the most used function on bike computer to see elevation profile and upcoming changes. Zwift, please do something about it - there are many option where to place it - one of option after clicking on map(use app, where i can see map and use map for zwifthacks), on the bottom of screen …

I agree- PLEASE restore some type of readable, useful elevation profile in place of, or in addition to, the current mini map.  Ideally, allow us to toggle back to the old-style profile.