Incorrect course profile at bottom of minimap when multiple courses share a common part

When multiple courses share a common part, the profile at the bottom of the minima is not always showing your selected course.

That is correct. Not a bug, just the design.

I’d argue that it’s a bug if you’ve selected a route to ride (and haven’t manually turned off that route), since Zwift knows where you’re going and should be able to show the correct profile.

But it’s been like this forever, so I can’t see it being fixed any time soon

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Well, technically speaking, it’s not a ‘bug’, since it is functioning as intended. Could the functionality be improved, though? Most certainly. This, of course, would also mean more ‘assets’ to load to the game if each route has it’s own profile to show in the mini-map. And what happens if/when you make a manual turn?

The elevation profile only shows the road you are currently on, not the profile of the route you have selected. You will notice it changes when you turn at an intersection.

So the gradient graph in London isn’t buggy either then, since someone may well have intended the graph to go off the screen, and that’s certainly how the code has been written?

No Steve London is different, it used to be correct. But the other profiles has been like that since Zwift came out of beta. I would guess there is one profile that is in the correct order in every world, but I have not tested it.

Zwift show the profile of the road segment you are currently on it does not look at what the next section will be.

It would be nice, but I think that will just pull even more CPU resources.

It’s already using CPU resources to update that profile as you gradually move along it. It would be a fairly trivial task to piece together the correct sections of profile for the route instead of just assuming particular different turns. It already redraws the profile at some turns anyway (often incorrectly).

It’s a very confusing thing for new Zwifters in particular.

This really isn’t a difficult task, but of course we all know how seemingly trivial bugs don’t see to ever get fixed (e.g. London gradient graph), presumably due to the code concerned being a nightmare and no-one dares to touch it.

I would not say trivial. To do it correctly you will need every route section in both directions and then have Zwift look forward.

But it is definitely not impossible.

Is it not? You need current route and section, already have these of course. Then you just need the next connection sections and check which section is in the selected route. I don’t see how you would need all sections in all directions, unless Zwift is made up of sections that are in no way linked to eachother. Of course around many intersections it gets more difficult but looking ahead one intersection is a small section check.

Not at all what I said. That’s definitely a bug. It used to work correctly, even, but was ‘broken’ at some point. The terrain profile in the mini-map has always worked that way. It appears that there are, effectively a few routes with their profiles set up in the game, and when you move from one to another the displayed profile changes. If you stay on one of the ‘pre-programmed’ routes, though, it would actually be correct for your entire ride. (I think Hilly Route is one of these, for example.)

Zwift is made out of sections, I am not 100% sure how they are defined but what I have seen is there is at least one section between every turn. That is how you can turn in random directions.

This is most annoying in France when ven-top means everything else is completely useless.


This basic course profile confused me for so long, especially when my location pointer started going in the opposite direction. At that point I just realized I had no idea what it was actually trying to represent and gave up trying to understand it.

I’ve always chosen specific routes to ride, so never just free-rode, so it was inconceivable that this gradient profile was anything other than the gradient profile of the course I specifically selected. Once I realized it wasn’t, then it just became useless to me since I can no longer trust it to actually show what is coming up longer term even though the game definitely knows which sections I intend to run unless I override my course selection.

I have no idea how this can be the intended design, I actually don’t know what it currently shows specifically, since it seems to span multiple segments, what actual segments is it showing? Why does it go in both directions? Who finds this exact design useful?

I figured it out the first time I did a route going up the Epic KOM, burned all my matches to get to the KOM banner, thought I was done climbing per the elevation profile, and then turned up the radio tower climb… That was not a surprise I was ready for that day!