Mini Map with detail gradient .

(Gerrie Delport) #1

thanks for all your hard work.

I notice that in the Latest update the Zoomed Gradient indicator returned. Thanks.

And I feel like the font is also larger. the left top screen may be a tad to large. You will notice that the first number of the rpm goes over the M of BPM.

But apart from that it is pretty cool.



(Jerry Hamann) #2

The font is a little better on the gradient. Still too small below 3 percent. Why not just change the color and keep the size the same?

(Zee Kryder) #3

Thanks for the changes today. Love that you listen to us, like gradient was too small to read clearly. And the new bike challenge is great. I didn’t see it in my locker to keep? I’ll check it again later. Did the 40k today.

(Randall Hesse) #4

A step in the right direction, but PLEASE restore the option to view the old-style course profile instead of the current mini map!