Display detailed gradient information including upcoming changes

The new map function is great and a large improvement in many usage scenarios. However the detailed upcoming gradient information as was available in the old version should not have been removed. There are many ways this could be (re?) implemented. Adding a “classic” view as a map view would be one. Maybe using grayscale or color gradient shifts on the roads on the mini-map might be something worth exploring. Adding a semi-transparent version of the old zoomed gradient display over part of the new mini-map as some kind of option could also work. But given the inherent lag between a real world push on the pedals and actual in game acceleration, not knowing that you are on a grade and how much of one until you are actually on it and losing momentum is troublesome and makes navigating changing terrain, especially short rollers, in an efficient manner much more difficult and unrealistic.    


100% agree with this.

I agree completely, I really miss the old gradient display.  It is really important to know now only what the current gradient is but what the upcoming gradient is.  Not being able to see the upcoming gradient as you used to be able to do makes it much harder to adjust how hard you are riding to accommodate the terrain and harder to shift correctly to anticipate upcoming gradient changes.

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Would love to see this implemented. Currently seems impossible to clearly see the upcoming gradient on the minimap view

Thumbs up for this. I have also logged a request with Zwift to consider a modification to reflect the mix of the current and previous implementations: 
The GRADIENT map should be bigger - the new changes are great (3D map, Zoom In, Zoom OUT), but these are so difficult to see on a 32" screen, never mind on the iPhone or iPad. The same goes for the LOCATION MARKER. The previous map was much easier to see.

Yes, please.  Add another to the seemingly very long list of users interested in restoring the old elevation/gradient display.

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