New gradient indicator too small.

I applaud the introduction of the new mini-map feature, but the gradient indicator is now way too small for those of us who must keep their trainer a considerable distance from the viewing monitor or TV. My TV is across the room from my trainer and I cannot comfortably read the new, small gradient indicator. Likewise, when I use Zwift at the gym, the monitor is raised on the wall some distance from the trainer and the gradient indicator is difficult to read, despite my having 20/20 vision.

Gradient data is important to many riders while on course and it doesn’t seem that it should be too difficult to make the indicator larger and, perhaps, place it off the map and, instead, put it on the bar containing speed and distance.

Thumbs up for this. I have also logged a request with Zwift to consider a modification to reflect the mix of the current and previous implementations: 
The GRADIENT map should be bigger - the new changes are great (3D map, Zoom In, Zoom OUT), but these are so difficult to see on a 32" screen, never mind on the iPhone or iPad. The same goes for the LOCATION MARKER. The previous map was much easier to see.