Show sprint segments on maps

It would be useful to be able to see upcoming sprint segments on the in game map and on comparison app map.
This could take the form of a highlighted segment on the maps so you can judge when to build up for your effort and how long they will need to be held for.

Like this


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Like that but actually highlighted from start to finish. Great example of how unhighlighted and unclear it is though. Markers are so dull you can barely make them out when riding.
Also this does not appear on the connect app map in any way.


That image3 was take from a Twitch stream it is a lot brighter in game.

Also you have the start of the sprint in bright green

I’ve been on Zwift for a while and have seen all the in game sprint related details your providing. My suggestion still stands.
If you read the suggestion I’m talking about “highlighting” (changing the colour of the section of road) the sprint on the in game and companion app maps.
I free ride with the map open on companion app so would be good to be able to see the sprint section to help navigate around the worlds.
At the moment companion app maps don’t have anything on them regarding segments.

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It’s widely agreed that when riding in a large group the roadside markers are well-nigh invisible. Of course you do eventually learn them….after missing them a few times and wondering where everyone went! I agree that highlighting on minimap would be welcome.

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If the road was highlighted in green from the start of the sprint until the line i’m sure it would make for a much more recognisable section. Even if there were green stipes on either side (like a gutter) from the start line to the finish.

Also I’d like to see the same thing for climbs - KOM.

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This is a feature I have wanted all along. I did a race in Dolphin City yesterday, and to my surprise the Dolphin Sprint section was hatched with red lines on the Companion map. Clearly this function of highlighting segments already exists. I would love if there was an option to turn this feature on for all rides and races!

Liking all of these ideas. How about a countdown to the start of sprint segments? Just like you get once you’re actually in the sprint/KOM/segment, but it gives you the distance remaining to the start of the sprint.

Maybe give ride/race organizers the option to turn it off. You could also argue that knowing where the sprint segments are is part of being a smart racer.

Yeah, I’d like this. Since you should already be at speed starting into the sprint segment it would make sense to me to have a countdown. The start could also be more visible on the map.