Please add a better mark for starting line of sprints and segments

On the upper right screen I see two graphics showing terrain and riders. Those upper graphics also shows the finish lines to sprints/segments. The main screen road has so many lines you really can’t determine where the start point is until you are right on it and there is no other indicator. Could you please put the start lines to the sprints and segments on the zoomed in graphic with the round green and line symbol below as you currently do with the zoomed out graphic?. it would help in getting the run-up to the sprint instead of guessing at its location. How about a post by the side of the road with some kind of marker/sign? The finish lines are well displayed on the main screen so they really don’t need to be on the upper graphics. I am enjoying zwifting and it is making my indoor wintering more enjoyable

Totally agree!  Even a countdown like you see near the end. Just a yellow 50 meter sign would be enough. 

i never know exactly where the sprint starts… probably costs me 1-2 seconds as i have to ramp up power after the sprint is started. i would like to go into the sprint faster if i could.

I would also like a countdown to the start of the sprint.

How about a green solid (or transparent) triangle overlaid on the road, starting with the pointy end and getting wider and wider until it finishes with the full road width at the start point of the sprint section. This would give a great visual for how to build speed/power leading up to the sprint. It could start maybe 50m from the start line.

Same thing for the KOM starts, but maybe with orange or polka dot triangle overlaid on the road.

Chaps, there’s a bloody great line across the road and indications smack bang at the top of the screen when you are getting near!

If you struggle to find the start you’re not riding enough :wink:

It’s a thin line, not easily seen from a distance and there is nothing at the top of my screen until I cross the line and I’m already in the segment. That doesn’t give sufficient advance warning to start building the power and pace before you hit the start line. However, yesterday I thought I did notice some countdown signs on the right hand side of the road - or did I imagine that? TBH there’s too much to concentrate on to be looking at all sections of the screen at once. Simple and obvious is best, especially if your eyesight is imperfect and your screen is small (laptop) and you don’t wear your glasses because sweat pours into the back of the lenses.

Red5 if you concentrate hard on the marks on the upper graphics instead of riding you’ll miss the start lines because all marks at the top actually turn out to be the finish lines! Green ones for the sprints, red ones for the KOMs.  and I wouldn’t call the lines “great” especially in Richmond (Watopia isn’t as bad where you learn that the sprints start at the cave one direction and the bridge the other)  but on Richmond there are “bloody great lines” at every intersection and more

Fair comments chaps, I’m sure management is taken my note. Overall tho what a great addition to turbo training :blush:

Guys, this is really what I need. I always find myself starting too late to improve my PR. It should be some sort of countdown timer for the upcoming segment or some sort of virtual gate…

and the lines on the ground are too damn thin to have to search for them… 

I feel like this was recently addressed by the new “start of sprint” and “start of climb” markers being made more obvious?