Show start of sprints

On the map in the top right hand corner , the start line for sprints should be shown . The ends (under the banner ) across the road is , so why not the start which is more useful in my opinion .

It would be really nice if there were a countdown of meters to the sprint start.


The Map is to small to show the start of the sprint.

My feeling is that the start is not that important, it is a timed segment so you need to go thru the segment (± 200m) so you need to be at top speed when you go over the start line. So even with a super big flashing banner you will still need to start way in advance if you want to set a good time.

One other thing that indicate the start of the Sprint is the Timer that pop up at the top.

And there is not that many sprint points.

London has 2 at the same place (one forward and one reverse) (Red road)

Watopia 2 at the same place (one forward and one reverse) (at the Bridge) And one in the Dessert.

and Richmond 2 these are at different spots.

INNSBRUCK has 2 at the same place (one forward and one reverse)

Look at this post, some good info.

How is too small to show on the map (just a green line) when they show the finish line (big banner )?

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Robert the Start and finish is about 200m from each other and on the map scale those two points will be almost on top of each other.

There are many indications in game to know where the sprint is. The whole point with the sprint is to start it at max speed so you need to ramp it up way before the start line.

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Ok . …
i do think it would work .Just looked again and i think there is scale to do it.

What I think would be better, is to have a larger sign or a big floating balloon at the start point in game, not on a map.
I know where the sprint sections are. I usually sprint in London and Richmond. Those segments are in the same place. In London, I have my sprint timed to start at a certain light pole before the actual segment.
Sometimes I mess up and I start too early and I’m wasting what little surge I have.

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Yes Tim I totally agree .

But there is a marker. The green line on the road and the Flashing Marker on the side of the road.

Yes, I see that marker but that is easily obscured if there are multiple riders. See that rider silhouetted by the exit of the tunnel? A big orange balloon floating 10-15 feet high would be a great signal for me to get prepared.

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If you wait for that line to get prepared than you are way to late. Look at the video link I posted in the tread above, you need to be top speed by the time you get to that line.

I just use the Leader Board to know when I’m getting close to the starting line.

Just make it bigger please .

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Gerrie doesn’t make the rules, he’s just a helpful guy on the forum :joy:

I agree with you that the start point for sprints (and KOM) should be shown on the map. On Apple TV you’re not able to toggle between the map zoom, so can’t see the end point of the sprints until you’re already into it. The leaderboard popping up is the first warning that there is a sprint coming up, but sure it would be nice to see it on the map.

I’d also like to see the start / finish lines & banners in the companion app.

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Thanks for noticing. LOL

And on this one im the guy that think it is plenty big and one you know the route you won’t even need what we currently have.

Do you remember when it was just a white line on the road?


I agree Ricky ,Gerrie is very helpful (thanks Gerrie) but I don’t agree with him on this .

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And that is perfectly fine. LOL

I agree with you Gerrie :grinning:

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Sorry, am I missing something? This is exactly why the marker needs to be bigger. At the moment I can’t see it until I’m on top of it. So I’m never ready. If I could see it at a distance, then I could be ready. No?

I’ve been on Zwift for a long time so the sprint start points are no issue for me personally, but it does seem to be a problem for new riders or those that are not regulars on a particular route. So I do believe they could be more prominent. Whether the static start beacon is made larger or riders see a pop up to alert them to the start point…… don’t know.

What I do know is that whether leading, sweeping or just helping others in the ride, it gets tiresome to answer the same question dozens of times (seems people don’t read the chat to see the question has already been asked and answered) in every ride where sprints are allowed or encouraged. From a basic user interface perspective, if the user has to ask where to find the feature then the UI has been poorly designed.