I never know the sprint has started until the time is running. How do I know where the sprint starts?

Aside from just getting familiar with the different courses, you can check the course profile in the HUD and look for the white line on the ground that’s before each timed segment.

Terrible answer, Zwift.


Kelly: There are 3 “worlds” each having 2 Sprints. Actually only Richmond has truly 2, the others is just forward and reverse. So you just have to remember 4 locations.

We don’t get Richmond that often so actually you only need to remember 2.

“Hundreds” of the Zwifters don’t ride London because it rain so you only have to remember 1.


You can find very nice maps of the Zwift routes here http://whatsonzwift.com/#courses.

You can use http://www.zwiftgps.com/ to show where you are or




Why won’t you admit its nearly impossible to see the sprints coming? Especially if you want a flying start. Or does Zwift follow the mantra: The customer is always wrong? 

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If you want a flying start then the Banner wont help on Watopia or Richmond, because for both of them you get the sprint after going a round a corner so by the time you see the banner it is to late.

London is the easy one to see it is on the long strait and you see the sprint end from a distance.



If you ride the routes a few times you know where the sprints are. Also, you need to get your speed up WELL before the start of the sprint so a banner for the start is a little late. Do you want a banner for the run up too?

Banner like in workout mode would be perfect.

I don’t think Kelly is that unreasonable. 1) A line on the road is at odds with the otherwise ‘race’ environment that Zwift provides.  It’s very ‘open roads’ club to paint a line on the road, and Zwift is very ‘cyber race’ circuit. 2) Zwift is fantastic - I’m addicted, but it’s so difficult to navigate as a new user - not because the new user is dumb, but because the shop front is very unintuitive. The good news for Zwift is that this is an easy and cheap fix. Their back end is fantastic, they just need to improve their front end dashboard.  


Point of difference worth considering…the sprint in Zwift is a timed segment, not a race to the line (rider vs rider like a UCI event) so there is actually a start/timed duration. Signage for the start of a significant timed segment should be a given - unless it’s reserved for the ‘initiated’. If that is the intention, I’m not convinced. That said, I’m still very, very impressed with this app. 

I do agree a warning would be nice. If the green box showed up and said .3 miles to sprint and count it down for u distance wise you’d be perfect. It seems like I see more sprints than 3-4. I am Learning all of the worlds. By it is something that can be improved upon. Nothing is ever perfect and there are indeed some dashboard features that would benefit the platform and make the cyclist journey even more fun

Totally agree with Brad, Kelly and Kathy.

I love love love the zwift app and I honestly can’t tell if part of what makes it so addictive is that it’s pretty hard to catch on at first. Where are the rules and instructions? I love the courses and it’s fun to ride around and discover things but it seems like it’s only fair to put a visible start line for the sprints. It’s totally frustrating to realize you’re in a sprint when you’re already half way through. 

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There is a glowing green line where the sprint start. Before you get to the sprint you will see your 30 day best times appear on the left side of the screen also the fastest times, once you see the sprint times you will know you are close.




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