More visible sprint/KOM start

I know there is a line over the road and a marker on the side of the road for the sprint start, but when the group is tight and big it can be hard to spot it. It would help if there was a “wall”, like the fence, over the road for the start of the sprint so it can be seen from a distance even when using first-person view mode.

If you’re waiting for the sprint marker you’ve already lost. It just marks the timed segment, not the start of the sprint.

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I want a maker for the start of the sprint that is easy to see from a distance. It is the only thing important for point races with sprints. The sprint marker must mark the start of the sprint. How can we otherwise know when the sprint starts?
I placed third in the last Herd Summer Racing League with 7 sprints + GC and only used the current sprint markers as indicators, so I think that is correct. Problem was that I saw the sprint maker very late. Yes, I could have prepared better, but Zwift don’t have to be IRL. It can be better in some ways.
Of course, you have to accelerate before the sprint starts, but you can’t have a marker for that. That is skills.


I’m amazed there isn’t more input on this. We waited ages for any type of start marker (yes, there used to not be anything!), I was really pleased to hear they were adding start markers and what do we get? A 1ft high post, right at the edge of the road. Useless in any decent sized group. Similarly the flashing lines on the road are all obscured by other riders. Please Zwift, make the markers higher than the riders!!

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I have said this before in another thread. If you wait for the start banner to show then you already lost the sprint.

There are only a few sprints in Zwift. Once you know where they are you will know when to start ramping up for the sprint.

There are a few warnings before the sprint, like the sprint leader board and the green marker on the mini map.


True, but if you don’t see the startbanner at all, you don’t stand a chance. If you see it you are able to start the sprint before the banner, like you do @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ.

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Maybe Zwift can introduce a function on the companion app that works similar to Strava live segments on your Wahoo or Garmin head unit? Along with many other wanted features in the companion app to function more like a head unit… Please @Wes :pray: :pray: :pray:


Zwift is a game and there could be visual elements like a “distance-to-sprint” countdown on the screen or in the Companion App.


Sounds great as long as we can turn it off. :relaxed:

I am not apposed to having a bigger sprint banner.

Another option will be way to bring the map up full screen showing all sprints KOM’s your position and your friends.

Like Zwifthacks.


Configurable HUD is coming Zooon :wink:


I agree that a clearer start to the sprint would be good, its often hard to see, especially with a number of riders on the road in a pack. A clear set of markers “100m to sprint”, “50mm to sprint” and then a line flashing right across road or banner would be good.


Not sure how helpful this would be.


This is the only major problem I have with Zwift.

The dotted start line is hopeless they need a light curtain or better still a 5 sec countdown on screen or just 5 beeps 1 sec apart to allow you to wind up to full pace before you hit a line you cannot even see when there are 60 riders.

I guess with more course experience you get to know where the start lines are but for newbies its hopeless.

By the time the actual “Sprint Timer” comes up on screen its all over unless you are already going full speed.


You just can not be bothered to just remember the few sprints in zwift.

Some smartazz had to say it

Almost like blood pounding during a hard effort sometimes makes it hard to remember things.

Why have sprint finish banners? Why not just remember where the finish is? There aren’t too many sprints in Zwift, it can’t be that hard.

Neokyo is particularly bad for this.

Looking at the forum history this has been a problem for years, cannot believe they have not fixed it. There are several easy fixes from say 5 audio beeps 1sec apart before the line to a countdown timer until you hit the line or just a big 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 on the screen somewhere . Pretty much you need some sort of confirmation the start line is coming up just 3 to 5 seconds before you actually hit it. You could probably just make it an option in the settings like the halo rider in case the people that never sprint complain.

Really cannot find any other major problems in Zwift but this one is a pain in the ass and so easy to solve, even a big light curtain the height of the riders instead of a dashed neon start line that gets obscured by the pack of 60 riders in front of you would be great.

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I’d settle for the sprint start to be shown on the in-game map. The only indication of an up-coming sprint on there is the sprint ending arch, and even that can be misleading if you don’t know where your route will be going on the map.


what about people that need 7 or 8 or 9 seconds to get up to max speed?