Start/Stop For Sprints and KOM

It would be great if there was a clearly defined “line” on the ground for when sprints and KOMs begin. I know the green lights signal the start, but something that you can roll over and so you know exactly where it begins would be great. Thanks for the consideration!

Hi Tim. The sprints and KQOMs do have glowing lines on the road surface too. There are the glowing little posts on the roadside, but then there are also green or red dotted glowing lines on the road, right at the same spot.

You can see them at the very bottom corner of this pic (just one I grabbed from google):

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Something like a dashed line on the road matching the colour of the lights?

With the changes to holo replay you can now see where they start on the mini map too, look for the grey holoreplay bot symbol.

What do you use for Zwifting? I’m on AppleTV and have never seen anything on the actual road, only a barely-there flashing post at the edge of the road.

Don’t know where that screenshot I posted came from. I’ve used Zwift on PC and Android, the lines are there on both of those. Interesting that they wouldn’t be on Apple.

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FWIW, GP Lama has a video on using powerups on ATV. He goes through several sprints in this video (cued up to right before the first one), and the sprint lines are clearly visible through his ATV. Right at the 1 minute mark. He goes back through the sprint from the other direction too, lines are visible from the other side as well.

Yes, thank you! I guess I was looking for something a little bit more pronounced. I’m aware of the dots, I guess I’ll look to be more observant. Thanks!

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Yes, the holo replay is nice on routes, but not so much on races. It is especially tough in big blobs.

There’s a Feature Request thread somewhere with a lot of people asking for much bigger flags on the side of the road marking the start. Those little pylons can be hard to see in a bunch, and forget about seeing the dotted lines if you’re in a big group.

Until then, a big part of it just just getting to know where they all are. I still forget exactly where some of them start on the smaller maps–Innsbruck, Richmond. I know the general area, but I have to look carefully for the exact line still. Some I know well enough by now.


Yep, never seen those, maybe because I’m using a 720p monitor. :man_shrugging:

Could be. I don’t have much ATV experience, other than being frustrated trying to use other people’s.

I was an AppleTV user for several years.
The dots along the road are definitely there.
I remember when the “flags” on the side of the road were introduced. Prior to that, the only indicator of the start of the sprint or KOM was the dots on the road.

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Which recovery step are you on right now? Have you gotten to the part about making amends to all the people you hurt during that time?

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Or how about a Green Flag beside the road so it stands out when there is a group of riders?
I don’t understand Zwifts persistent refusal to address this very long standing request.
It has to be easier than the 27,000,000 Holoriders they have placed in world over the past month.

They put a little green dot on the road, we should stop whining…
They have bigger issues to work on like how they broke ERG!!!


I must say that the RTX2070 Super is quite addicting.
As for making amends, we are all grown adults here, free to make choices. If I encouraged someone to go AppleTV to get started on Zwift, I make no apologies, and I’ll own that. It was a great choice for me, and there is no reason it couldn’t be a great choice for someone else.

Give this feature request a vote and give your suggestions: More visible sprint start.

Are you using a non 4K version? I see the green lights in the road on my gen1 4K apple TV.