More visible sprint start

I know there is a line over the road and a marker on the side of the road for the sprint start, but when the group is tight and big it can be hard to spot it. It would help if there was a “wall”, like the fence, over the road for the start of the sprint so it can be seen from a distance even when using first-person view mode.

If you’re waiting for the sprint marker you’ve already lost. It just marks the timed segment, not the start of the sprint.

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I want a maker for the start of the sprint that is easy to see from a distance. It is the only thing important for point races with sprints. The sprint marker must mark the start of the sprint. How can we otherwise know when the sprint starts?
I placed third in the last Herd Summer Racing League with 7 sprints + GC and only used the current sprint markers as indicators, so I think that is correct. Problem was that I saw the sprint maker very late. Yes, I could have prepared better, but Zwift don’t have to be IRL. It can be better in some ways.
Of course, you have to accelerate before the sprint starts, but you can’t have a marker for that. That is skills.