Line on Road of when sprint/kom section begin.

Just a coloured line on the road green/poka dot when the section starts/ends

+1 that would be very useful, it’s particularly difficult to judge where the segment ends, maybe because of the camera field of view being somewhat narrow so as arches and markers at the side of the road come into and disappear from view you aren’t actually through them yet…

I agree as well, I put this down as a suggestion in my initial impressions post. From a beginner’s perspective, I think that that the start line is much harder to “see”. I was expecting it to be at the 300m sign for the sprints, and I didn’t even notice the KOM section until I was 5 seconds in. I think this will be even more important when new people join the game, and when new courses are made.

Me too, I thought it was just me being silly!

To add, I’d like to see the current best time for the sprint displayed at the 300m mark. Nothing is more frustrating than winding it up so your in full flight at 200m to go and then seeing that an AI has done one of their crazy 3-4sec sprints and you have no chance.

Just ride more and you know where it starts and when to get up to speed to get a flying start. IRL there’s also no line on the road.

I think it’s part of the game. IMHO leave it like this.

I would like an alert to know when a sprint of KOM is coming up, say a road sign + audio alert hen at the start point a banner/ sign/ line on road so you know where you start, also a red flag at 1 km to go before end of lap.

I don’t think you need an audio alert but I like Ron’s idea of a road sign, which could be much like the actual markings you see on a grand tour.

PLEASE have an alert to tell you a sprint is coming!   I use these to gauge my fitness improvement.


Looks like this thread never got an official response, but there is - and has been - a white line on the road before the start of all segments. You can also watch the minimap for signs of when the segment is coming up.

Thanks for the official response, but please note that it is very hard to see the line in the road until you are nearly passed it. That combined with the delayed response to increased power and it can be quite frustrating navigate. Why not put a sprint start banner like real races? For those on this thread, I have seen the preliminary meter markers but again, they don’t mark the actual start.