Sprint Indicator on Group Rides?

(David Kindler) #1

I led a group ride yesterday (my first) and was surprised that the usual sprint countdown clock in the middle of the screen never appeared. Needless to say I didn’t sprint well, since I kept waiting for the timer to show up. what’s the deal? I assume this is a bug.  Anyone else also experience this?   Or perhaps there’s a different indicator for a group ride that I’m not aware of…??

(Paul Wren) #2

First group ride on Zwift, no indication I could see of sprint either (figured I’m just clueless but would like to know how to tell…if you just wait for others to go it doesn’t work out well)

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #3

I see none for sprints, KOMs, lap times, or anything at all in group rides. You do get the number recorded, however. I think this is intentional by Zwift and not a bug.

(David Kindler) #4

I think you’re right, but can’t understand how to Sprint when you don;t know when to start???   Can anyone explain the rationale?

(Paul Wren) #5

Rationale was probably the same as jumping in a group ride in a new city, the new guy gets smoked for not knowing the course. It’s difficult though in the virtual because all the cues are missing like hearing people shift, woosh-woosh of wheels etc. I think it doesn’t have to be elaborate just SOME indication so you’re not flat-footed.

(Cory Volkert) #6

I agree.  Doing group rides in London with sprint practice.  There is no painted line on the road for the start and no popup under the top banner to show my PR and current elapsed to challenge me to top it.  Ride leader told us where to look for markers but missed having stats for personal challenge.