Sprint start kite marker

What about a more prominent marker to designate the start of a a sprint zone?

Yeah, I usually don’t see the little posts and line on the road until I’m right on top of it, by which time it’s too late to start winding up for a short sprint.

Would be nice to have a bit more warning that one’s coming up (other than course knowledge).

Doesn’t have to be a banner over the road though - something like a big neon post at the side of the road would do. :smiley:


This is my take on the sprint maker.

You need to be full gas at that line, and every one is different and will have to start winding at a different spot.

So what i do when a new world launch i go to the sprint line and practice some sprints, to find a marker in the game where I know i have to start winding up.

The leader board for the sprint will pop up a little ways before you get to the starting line, so you’ll have a heads up to look for it. I think that there is an icon for it in the elevation profile, although i could be wrong on that. Beyond that, course familiarity will bring knowledge of exactly where it is.

I do the same Gerrie. It’d be nice to have a sprint distance countdown or something easier.

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I just rode the Spin and Sprint sponsored by REVO. I love sprints, but like others, I did not know where the sprint zones started or finished. Am I missing some signal on the screen?

No and that is my point…it would be nice to have more warning…show it on the revolving map or put a kite up at 200 meters with a count show you can prepare properly…I can’t remember every sprint on every course in every world.

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Hi David, The ride you did, finished at the sprint banner, so you only crossed the sprint banner once.


Look at the Image below.

The Sprint Results pop up about 30sec (400m) before the start of the sprint.

The Map top right has 2 places where you can see the Sprint banner.

And Every Zwift world except Richmond has only one Sprint banner.

I added a link to a Youtube video showing how to sprint.

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Gerrie. Thanks. I expected to see something like your video shows. I’m wondering- I was off the back of the group. Would that be a reason it didn’t pop up? Will it show up every time I go through the zone, whether I’m with a group or not? (It’d be fun to do sprint repeats even on my own, as I did when I raced.)

It doesn’t pop up in group rides and races, as far as I recall.

I will need to check this, I think it may be a setting that the organizers can choose. I lead the TeamZF Primetime Climb on a Sunday morning and we have the Sprint and KOM results on the left.

@David_Fayram: i did not do the ride that you did but I assume they did Sprints at the the Leader’s command, where the leader just pick a random point to sprint as training, that wont have a sprint banner.

Yeah it might be a bit of both. I watched a streamed race last night, and although you can see the sprint results panel pop out here:

There’s no actual sprint information while you’re on the sprint. No estimated finish time for example. Here he is just about to cross the line:

So that might be what I’m thinking of. You don’t get “in progress times” on events.

Thing is though, the panel popped out 1.2km or nearly 2 minutes before the actual sprint. So for an indication of where the actual sprint starts, this one’s pretty useless.

The 1.2km you quote is to the Banner (where the sprint stop) so to the start of the sprint it is 1.2km - 0.2km = 1km

I don’t know of a good way to do this, i like to start ramping up at 1km before the start of the sprint but someone else my only need 500m.
Maybe markers starting at 1000m (1km) before the banner, then we can pick our starting points. I like it that there is no markers and that you have to know the course it make it feel like riding outside.

Well yeah, I get that. Also bear in mind sprints are of different lengths. And outside doesn’t have them. :wink: Unless you count Strava segments.

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LOL yes we don’t have banners. We treat every town line as a sprint banner.

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That and the traffic light drag race :smiley:

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If I’m racing then I’m looking at distance remaining.

If it’s a group ride I’m watching the ride leaders instructions.

If I’m free riding and want to flex I’m finding the start line (eventually) and then doing a u turn, riding back a km, doing another u turn and stomping on it.

You’d think I’d know where they are by level 37 but I still don’t. Seeing them on the map (so I can navigate to them and prepare for them) and in game more easily would be useful for me too.