Alpe du Zwift prize wheel on meetup rides?

Over the weekend, I’m taking part in a meetup ride that is going to use the Road to Sky route. This ride will use the “keep everyone together” function. I am trying to find out if all of us will get an individual spin of the prize wheel at the top of the Alpe.

I’ve tried to find an answer but haven’t found one yet. Thank you.

I just did a meetup with my level 3 wife. We did the Quatch Quest including AdZ. She got all the badges and the prize wheel (gloves). I got the wheels (4th ride up).

Thank you for that information, Jonathan. My wife was very pleased to hear about your experience.

The meet up function for Alpe du Zwift wasn’t working! There is a request somewhere to fix it.

We just did a meetup ride this morning and went on the Tour of Fire & Ice route which includes AdZ. Our group of 4 stayed together all the way up and down. The only glitch that we saw was when the road from AdZ rejoined the jungle road. At that point, my wife somehow was split off from the rest of us. But as two of the others were quitting at that point and my wife was only riding for another half of mile, it wasn’t a big problem. However, I could see it being an issue for a longer event.

Excellent! I am pleased to hear that it worked out for you, maybe it’s a random thing! We tried three times and each time it not only sent us the wrong way (down!) from the start, but also sent us different ways at the following junctions!