Alpe du Zwift - Group ride prizes?

Hello all,

I had an odd question and I can’t find the answer anywhere - I’m relatively new to Zwift but would really like to try and get the Alpe du Zwift prize wheel gear. If I were to join a group ride:

A) would the prize wheel still give the gear if I complete it in a group ride?

B) if the event finishes before I get to the top, and I still manage to get to the top, will the prize wheel also still have a chance of the gear?

If not, I’ll try solo!

Thanks all!

A) I’m not sure. Probably will work but I’ve heard people say both (maybe there was a bug for some people).

B) if it’s a timed event then no worries it will just revert to normal and you’ll get a price wheel. If it’s distance based then it won’t finish before you get to the top.

A) It worked for me in TfA Stage 4

Thanks guys for replying! Looks like it’ll still work - I’m not fit enough yet to do this ride often so a group would be great motivation.

As other said as long as the route is selected for the ride it does not matter if it is solo, group ride or a meetup. Of course depending on starting position and doing the entire thing.