Going up Alpe du Zwift and no power ups?

Is there a bug or why can I not get a power up going up Alpe du Zwift? Do you have to beat the countdown clock when it is showing?

@A_Stewart yes for the power ups before the summit there should be a timer showing and you need to reach the location of the power up before the counter reaches 0 to get a power up

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And if you are really “lucky” then you get the 10XP “power up” :roll_eyes: :grin:

Yeah… it must be a bug. It really is pointless having them there are all…

I always get the aero boost on the way up and then a feather a the top! bot equally useless!! haha

Keep the aero boost for the way down?

I’m pretty sure you don’t get a spin of the prize wheel if you are holding a power up when you reach the top.

At least, that’s the way it used to work.

You have a good point there.

Makes no difference to me, been level 50 for ages and up the Alpe enough times to already have everything on offer!

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You’ll be singing a different tune when they raise the level cap to 100! :rofl: