Alpe du Zwift prize wheel randomness

(Alastair McCorry) #1

I’ve just finished the Alpe du Zwift climb for the 4th time. Each time I’ve got a pair of gloves. That’s 4 pairs!!!
How does the prize wheel work and how does it correlate prizes/items unlocked? Does it work on time, ftp, speed, number of completions? It doesn’t seem to be random if I’ve got the gloves 4 times.
I’ll maybe stick to real world cycling, especially with the weather getting better.


(Phil Clarke) #2

Randomness does not guarantee uniqueness.  Randomness would dictate that a particular item is as likely to be picked as any other item.  Gloves-Gloves-Gloves-Gloves is equally as random as Helmet-Wheels-Helmet-Gloves.  

Ride on!


(JJ McFarlane) #3

there is one way to get gloves 4 times.  There are numerous sequences that could give you helmet twice, wheels once, gloves once.  I don’t think the prize wheel is random.

(Andrew Smith) #4

For what it’s worth, I just rode up the Alpe for the 3rd time and got gloves for the 3rd time (actually you get 250 XP if it picks something you’ve had before),

(Aaron BIGAIR Hathaway) #5

Same for me. Four climbs to the top, four gloves, and one polka dot jersey.

(Dan Dube) #6

just got to the top for the first time and got… gloves.

(Dan Aponik 671) #7

I’ve climbed it 6 times since it was released.  So far, I’ve gotten the helmet twice and 4 pairs of gloves.  By the time I get the wheels, I’ll prolly already earn the Tron bike!  I wish I knew of some way to increase my chances to get the Lightweight Wheels.

(Tomas S) #8

I also got gloves when i climbed,maybe i put them on ebay :slight_smile:

(Paul Allen) #9

There is this note off the last update:

We’ve also added timers to the 3 powerups you can receive during the Alpe du Zwift climb, so if you want those powerups you’ll need to beat the time displayed on the side map to get them.  These times are based off some of your previous efforts, plus or minus a random amount of time.

(Cam Napper) #10

I came across this thread after being so frustrated at receiving gloves after helmet after gloves. I can now report that on my 17th ascent I got the wheels.
I just wanted to provide some hope that it is actually possible to get the wheels. It might just take some climbing.

(Danny Boyd) #11

what are the wheels you “can” get? specs?

(Cam Napper) #12

Lightweight Meilenstein wheels. 4 stars for weight and 3 stars for aero.

(Hélio Martins ZHR (C)) #13

3 gloves 2 Helmet…Nice…