Climb Portal Rotation


I love the climb portal, living in a totally flat country, I train on Zwift mostly for the big climbs!
Thank you for the feature!

I just wonder about the rotation of 1 climb every 2 weeks…
When the feature launched in July we could access 8 climbs at anytime, it was a good panel of short, medium and long climb.
But now in August there is 2 weeks with a 250m climb, which means the climb portal is kind of useless for 2 weeks.
And this month, there’s no >1000m climb.

Since the design choice was intended to quickly integrate a variety of climbs, would it be difficult to offer more variety, like 3 different climb choice instead of 1 (<500, 500-1000, >1000).

Looking forward for the future of this climb portal!

Welcome to the forum Damian!

I am very much not a climber but I can empathize with a preferred feature or route not being available all the time.

Hopefully Zwift will offer something like the “First Ascent Challenge” more regularly, where many of the portal climbs were accessible at the same time. (perhaps during other grand tours)

Are you using tools like ZwiftMap? I find that one useful for finding route profiles I want to ride: ZwiftMap

I believe Road to Sky is the fastest to get you to Alpe du Zwift. (1046m climbing, 17.5km total distance with lead-in)

Hi Otto,

Thanks a lot for the reply!
I didn’t know Zwiftmap, it looks great. Very convenient thank you.
I usually use Zwiftinsider to plan routes, but this Zwiftmap give a nicer overview.

I did Alp du Zwift a few times of course, it’s a great one, I was just excited by Climb portal and thought we could have climb like Tourmalet in July available at all time.

Let see.


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