Climbing the same ascent metres as does the Tour in 2021

Hi all,

I’m interested in climbing on Zwift (or in the real world) the same amount of ascent metres every day as does the current stage of the Tour De France for 2021. For example, if Stage 1 of the Tour climbs, say 245m, I will replicate that on Zwift. If, for stage 16, a mountain stage, the tour climbs 3500m, I will replicate this on Zwift also.

Would anybody be interested in such a achievement during this years Tour De France?

Your thoughts

It’s a nice challenge to keep people interested. Could be some traumatic days in the saddle.

You must be properly fit for attempting several thousands in a day. And all of that together, if I understood that right?
Even if you can do it, it will take more time that it takes the pros, taking holidays?

No to mention they all have teams to take care of their recovery, as funny as that sounds in 3 weeks back to back racing :slight_smile:

Some days will be easier than others. For example, on flat stages of the Tour, the pros ride 200km with about 450m of climbing that takes 5hrs. All we will need to do is climb to the KOM tower for 30 minutes.

Admittedly, other days will be harder requiring 3 ascents of Alpe Du Zwift. But remember it’s a challenge. It’s not men to be easy. I’m looking for volunteers.

Yeah for sure, I get it more now, the elevation is the only distance. Still, the time commitment is high, hope you do well!

I think that perhaps you should try and complete the total elevation for the whole TdF in the same time period.

This will allow people to bank some elevation on the flatter days which will then be caught up on the days that the pro’s do multiple alpine passes.

Just a thought.


Two trains of thought here.

  1. You match the tour day by day which is indeed going to give you almost rest days on flat stages.
  2. You do the total your assent over the 3 weeks which means you control your own rest days and you can average it out.

Not sure which is the easier option but both offer a unique challenge.

Work prevents me choosing option 1 as I can’t commit to riding every day.

Yes Martyn that is my intention. After stage 1, say, participants would ride the ascent meters that was climbed that day. So if Stage 1 was a flat time trial that only climbed 50m, participants have an easy Zwift day of climbing. Participants continue each day climbing on Zwift what the stage dictates. So one would finish in 3 weeks just as the Tour would finish.

My idea wasn’t to complete the challenge as soon as one could, but to complete the climbing each day after the stage.

I hop that makes sense.

That’s right Stuart, both points you mentioned are good points. However I was thinking of riding the stage ascent on that day each day. This means you ‘mirror’ the climbing for that day on Zwift.

There could be 2 challenges then:

  1. Match the tour day by day by climbing each stage just as they do in the tour
  2. Complete the total climbing of the entire tour in your own time in the 3 weeks of the tour.

Do you know where I can find the ascent metres climbed on each stage of the Tour?

2 ascents of MVT on stage 11 . Good luck with that :woozy_face: