Virtual 2022 Tour De France Series

@JamesBailey I’m interested in creating a virtual TDF series with a ride each day of the tour. I’ve picked routes that mirror the actual rides. The events will also be scheduled at a time when the real rides are riding so you can choose to compete or take it easy and watch the IRL stage while you ride.

Can you help me create and event series?

Cool idea. I guess there are those out there (?) willing and able to do 3300 kms over 24 days sitting on a trainer? Of course most will take a bit longer to complete each ‘stage’ than it takes the TdF riders on tv.

Not exactly the same, but a mini tour series is in place and with multiple timeslots will make it easier for people to join.

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The idea is not to do the exact distance. I want each ride to average around 1-1.25 hours. If it’s a mountain stage we will do a mountain course, stuff like that.

Is it possible to create this series?

In order to get new events created, you must email

You could create a club with events for each stage


Email with your request please.

We can accommodate a TDF themed “tour” but please avoid use of anything trademarked.


Indeed. The TDF organisers, Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), are fast to send out cease and desists for anything that could possibly be seen as associating itself with the race and its imagery without paying heavily for it in advance.

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Great idea, I’m in if the event timing matches the TV coverage times

I’ve reach out to to get things sorted.

I’ve also worked through a proposed course schedule to best mirror the actual course of the TDF though much abbreviated.


I don’t know if this is best as a Series or a League though?

We’ve created the tour series. You can sign up for the 18 stages now.


The link is broken

Remove the link=

That takes you to a blank page

The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App 9

Hang on its populated now

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No other time slots for west coast North America/pacific people? Guess have to do the team sisu one instead. After doing the FRR stage races was looking forward to this three week one.


No, sorry, the idea behind the series is to ride when the stages are live in France.

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Very nice! I realize would be a bit more work, but could the course/route be mentioned in each stage? I didn’t realize that Zwift’s events’ pages don’t indicate this.

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-Link to Zwift Hacks- this link should give you the full rundown of the stages and their routes (assuming I’ve done the sharing thing correctly) - though you might need to change the “see X days” selection to all as it might default to the events in the next week (and show 0 results).

Thanks to the OP for getting this set up, will be fun to try and tag along when I can!


Thanks for sharing the link with all the courses. I hope we get a good group of riders popping in each day.