Virtual 2022 Tour De France Series

I specifically asked for the text to remain the same in each event so this one is on me.

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Hi James, is the a way that I could provide a custom event series image?

I’m afraid not. We don’t have sufficient staff in our creative team to support custom images per series.

I think he’s saying he would provide the creative image himself?

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Same answer.

They all have to go through our creative team to ensure brand consistency.

Why is there only 18 stages?

Don’t suppose you have a flyer i could use to share the series?

Skipping the first 3 stages?

Whilst a nice idea, only having it on at the start of the race seems a little odd.

Why not run an evening session in line with the highlight packages, as thats when many people have the time to consume the TDF due to work commitments etc

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If I had rights to setup and create the events I certainly would try have more time options. Alternatively, we could start up a public club and setup multiple events & times. The challenge there is the events will not really be discoverable without some grass roots promoting.

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I’ll get back to you but bear in mind I don’t make the rules.

I made a quick event PDF. Please share. I don’t have access rights to post links in the Zwift Forum



Is there really only 1 time slot each day? I would love to join but 5:15am doesnt work.

Artwork looks great!

Matt, Cool Frenchie :). I’d love to have multiple time slots, but the base concept was to be able to ride while the tour de France riders road, it’s kind of a ride/ watch party. That’s the concept, and I understand the limitations that posts on some time zones. Unfortunately, the USA coverage is not doing primetime evening coverage this year either, so we can’t schedule events around those times…