Grand Tour or Sportif Routes

Not sure if this has been requested, however is there any plans to run with the worlds longest climb
the Taiwan challenge course, would be brilliant for Zwift at 105 lm long. I suspect it would be the most used course.

Like the Alpe de Zwift…LOL

People like the flat roads no climb will ever be as popular as the flat routes.


Yes at 52 kg ish as had bit of good new year I prefer a hilly course and would love a longer climb

As in the real world, most people like an easier life. I have done Alpe de zwift a few times but that is very much my limit anything longer and I wouldn’t have the time to ride it and frankly would never want to.


You suggested the same new world back in October:

I checked it out then at your suggestion. This event takes over three hours for the best riders at high effort. A climb like this would have marginal use for the vast majority of Zwifters. Going up one time would take far longer than most are interested in Zwifting, even for a special event.

Some GC results from the 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge
The Winner, Anthon Charmig, finished in 3 hours, 24 minutes
Top World Tour Rider, Steff Cras: 3:38
Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio: 3:51
Marianne Vos: 3:57
Nathan Haas: 4:20
Median Finisher: 5:23

Good morning

oh well perhaps as you said a challenge week of climbs, maybe mid season as the the grand tours commence would be good . I enjoy the thought of longer climbs rather than the shorter ones we incorporate into the races . do appreciate the looking into the matter and thank you.