Tour de France on Zwift in 2019?

(M pastor [ZESP) #1

Hello Friends, from Spain.

We will have some stages of the Tour de France in Zwift this summer? I hope so, it is the best race in Europe and part of the world.

What is your opinion?

(Nigel ) #2

I actually think the Giro has more spectacular scenery. One problem is the length of stages. They could only do short sections like they did with Alpe du Zwift, the whole stage that includes Alpe d’Huez is much longer.

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(Niels) #3

I hope we get some more climbs of famous mountains (Mont Ventoux, Telegraph/Galibier) in parts of segments/rides. Just to experience the suffering :wink:

(Nigel ) #4

We’ll never get the Vonyoux rider as it’s really long and pretty boring.

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(Z Kryder) #5

What is more iconic than the champs elysees?

(Paul) #6

If a Tour course is ok, why not a Triathlon course???

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(M pastor [ZESP) #7

Yes! one stage in París, it´s perfect.

(Z Kryder) #8

We have a partnership with the UCI. The agreement includes the World Championship course.

Have you contacted your tri organization?

As you probably know, we have a triathlon team :swimming_woman:t2: :bike: :running_woman:. Zwift has a lot of great courses for you.:hugs:

There’s a new course Fuego Flats that is perfect for triathlon and time trials. What length do you train for?

Ride on. :+1:

(Paul) #9

But you keep asking for Tour course and putting down request for Triathlon course, seems like a double standard or you just hate triathletes.

And please refrain from saying “we”, I don’t think you work for Zwift and misrepresenting yourself as doing so is against the ToS and Forum Guidelines.

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(Z Kryder) #10

Please don’t get upset. We are always being pleasant and positive here on these forums. Zwift is for everyone, all cyclists and runners. Smile and enjoy our new course🥳

(Mike ) #11

The Paris circuit is 4.2 miles long, quite a reasonable development undertaking. 28 miles from scratch seems a little greedy.

(Paul) #12

It’s a request, no different than other users asking for Paris–Roubaix or other road courses.

I don’t think it’s plausible to add an entire Ironman course, but it would be nice to add, say the 2020 Japan Olympic Triathlon course.

I am also for adding gravel, mountain bike and other types of courses to be inclusive to EVERYONE, not just road cyclist.

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(Paul) #13

Do you work for Zwift?

(David) #14

It would be ace to be able to ride the city circuit around Paris used for the final stage of le Tour.

Maybe we could have a combined world where the Richmond, Bologna, Harrogate (if they add that), Innsbruck and Paris circuits can all be accessed as routes rather than keeping them all as separate worlds. Watopia and London both have enough to offer as worlds in their own right, why not combine the others into one and introduce additional short iconic Grand Tour stages along the way?

(Z Kryder) #15

Maybe we should add a camera-motor bike we can draft for solo attacks?

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