Mountain stages

Riding in Alps would be great or doing some of the TDF stages? Just an idea… 

maybe a tour de etape type of thing??


The mountain course is in development (see the turn off in the underwater island). It’s slated for release sometime in March.

So far all the developments have been short and taken a long time.  Each new course has been months after the previous one.  The latest Ocean course is approximately 3 miles long plus a winding segment to join the existing track and that took 3 months after Richmond was launched.  5 or 6 weeks after the roadworks appeared.  1 month / mile.  

I think therefore the idea of seeing TDF stages or any LONG rides mapped in Zwift are extremely unlikely anytime soon.  There’s lots of real estate to play with though, so I’m certainly hoping longer tracks are eventually coming, especially to Watopia.

I realize how tough it is to hand model a new route, but I’m sure everyone would love to write a part of one of the mountain stages. If Zwift had a map maker, I’d gladly contribute. I’m sure there are others who would gladly contribute to the enjoyment of all cyclist around the world.   A 9 kilometer climb with an average 8% grade should be enough to satisify most of us here

great news- looking forward to it :slight_smile:

9 KM is only about 5.6 miles. If zwift is going to make a big climb, atleast make it 9miles like this