TDF Routes

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TDF routes with HC climbs such as Ventoux.

(Mark Hewitt) #2

There are already many software packages which will do that, real life video etc.

IMO Zwift should hafe an epic climb - although I would model it on Sa Calobra rahter than Ventoux, but it should be one of Zwifts own on Watopia rather than trying to copy something from real life.

(Brandon Amos) #3

I agree with Mark in regards to other products doing this.  

A TDF stage is over 100 miles.  The average Zwift rider rides far less than this on a single ride (I suspect it is nearer one hour per ride) so I doubt many people would actually complete a complete lap should Zwift make it available.

(Mark Hewitt) #4

Exactly so. Most of my rides are about an hour. Which is why I think the ideal Zwift lap is one which would take about an hour for an average rider. So 15-20 miles. 

(Doug Johnston) #5

Agree w above, hour seems the avg. There is a 100K (62 miles) jersey achivement that I rarely see on track and 100 Mile jersey achivement that I haven’t seen… Although I’ve seen some riders over the 100 mile mark. 

(power ups are for weaklings) #6

I’m with the first poster. Please integrate a variety of routes around the world. I’d prefer to have one working app with a lot of functionality rather than many different apps with different capabilities and data sets.