Tour de France Stage???

 I know its been asked previously but how good would it be to have a TDF stage on Zwift?  maybe a hill climb Alp d’huez or Ventoux  etc?

Are there restriction to do this?  ie are there TDF licencing issues?  regardless, I’d suggest it would be a hugely popular course to have on Zwift.

any feedback on this ?



John F

I’m sure there would be licencing issues using the name TDF however nothing stopping Zwift from replicating any real world roads just as they’ve done with London and Richmond.

The Vontoux hill climb while sounding great would be way too long for many people to actually complete. I’d be up for the next Watopia expansion to have some Alpe d’Huez type switchbacks. What’s really lacking in Zwift is rolling country roads that many of us enjoy riding outside. Sections of this don’t have to be realistic. Maybe be like riding a giant 10 km roller coaster course.

The next course expansion needs to wow people rather than be like the almost flat London expansion. They did an excellent job with the graphics but the ride itself is pretty uninspiring.

As usual the calls for real life stages are not what would work best on Zwift. More roads crafted especially for the trainer in Watopia are what is going to work best.

Mark Hewitt thank you for this, maybe you are right. What would be nice is a fake city with landmarks maybe a turn into the buildings by start finish hilly loop banner. Maybe many turns onto different blocks…