2022 Virtual Tour de France Event

I suggested this on October 14 and was asked to expand on it here. I would also like to hear any positive suggestions the Zwift community may have. This is an event to parallel the Zwift Tour de France Femmes. It would be 8 back to back stages on the same dates as the Tour. I think Zwift could also allow those 8 stages to be run during the three weeks of the men’s race, giving riders lots of chances to ride or race all eight stages. However, there could be special prizes or unlocks during the eight days of the Tour.

Stage 1 Paris Champ Elysee’s Course.
Stage 2 Northern France Loop
Stage 3 Southern France Loop
Stage 4 Watopia Jungle Course (gravel)
Stage 5 WatopiaTempus Fugit
Stage 6 Watopia Legends and Lava Course (finishes on Volcano)
Stage 7 Watopia Climbers Gamit Course (finishes past top of Epic Climb)
Stage 8 Watopia Road to Sky (finishes on the Alp du Zwift)

I’m currently working to make this event happen. link=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pd0723XkRimecNEvtEbXJhXGXQW9EyNvcvdWAauKYwA/edit#gid=0