Tour of Watopia-Multi time/multi day platform

We asked and Zwift listened.  Stage courses spread over multiple times a day and multiple days of the week.  They get that we all have schedules.  Thank you Zwift for listening.



COURSE: Watopia Big Loop 
ELEVATION GAIN: 663 m / 2175 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 42.8 km / 26.6 mi

April first - On this day, the forum’s were overloaded so much about the April fools day Paperboy theme.  Might have even overtook “World Change” as the top thread.


COURSE: Watopia Road to Ruins
ELEVATION GAIN: 275 m / 905 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 30 km / 18.7 mi

Ah, nice and easy.


COURSE: Tour of Fire and Ice
ELEVATION GAIN: 1166 m / 3825 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 25.1 km / 15.6 mi

If you are not level 12.  This is your chance to ride Alpes du Zwift.  Be prepared.


COURSE: Watopia Figure 8
ELEVATION GAIN: 234 m / 770 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 29.6 km / 18.4 mi

Rest day for the last stages uphill torture test.


COURSE: Watopia Three Sisters
ELEVATION GAIN: 896.7 m / 2942 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 48.3 km / 30.0 mi

Be thankful it’s not the four horsemen.


COURSE: Watopia Mountain 8
ELEVATION GAIN: 677 m / 2221 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 32.0 km / 19.9 mi

Great, more hills.


COURSE: Watopia Pretzel
ELEVATION GAIN: 1333 m / 4375 ft
LAP DISTANCE: 72.2 km / 44.9 mi

Bring that extra water bottle.  Why not, throw in some hills.



agree, need to have more flexibility, especially for the longer rides. more make up days. more weekend days. we work. that’s how way pay for Zwift. 

Check this website for future times and dates.

Will the stages of the tour count even if you join in a few minutes late? I joined today after about 2:00 had passed and was moved up to join the other riders.

Ask for a better looking kit next time.

It would be great to get Zwift verified strava segments for each of these so we can track them in Strava groups for fun competition. Zwift insider has some but not all of them work since they start on the starting gate piers.