Web based Zwift

Considering that this “Application” is pretty much entirely web based and could be written for any OS with a compatible web browser, I’d really like to understand why the platform requirements are so stringent. Surely any HTML5.X compatible browser would suffice ?

Or, maybe you should hire better developers.


Which 3D games run through a browser? Be interested to see some.

The platform requirements aren’t stringent at all, it’ll run on a potato. Odd post.



It’s not web-based at all, and doesn’t run in a browser.


Bit of respect here sir. Be kind.


video games push GPUs to their limits, as well as the need to prevent performance regressions on existing systems, verifying that there’s no new bugs of the kind “trees are transparent on laptops with AMD parts after jan 2021 windows updates”. respect to the QA team

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OK, perhaps I was being a bit harsh.

BUT - here is a short list of HTML5 based (and of course, the ubiquitous Javascript that goes along with most of them):

www DOT babylonjs DOT com
playcanvas DOT com
biz DOT turbulenz DOT com

I think I made my point there. Now, I don’t know the full history of Zwift, or these game engines, but, anyone writing a web based “game” in the past 5 years at least would be insane to write their own physics, rendering, or controller engines. That’s just dumb, when outstanding quality Web based (HTML-X) Open Source engines have been around for at least that long.

As for the quesiton of which games run on such engines - that I can’t answer with confidence, since I am not much of a gamer, but, at least a quick Google search reveals there are plenty of them.

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Zwift is not ‘web-based’.


You’re barking up the wrong tree here. Zwift is likely totally unsuitable as an HTML-based game. You keep saying that it’s web-based, but it’s not.

If you want to talk about alternative game engines then you need to be talking about non-web-based engines, so the likes of Unity, Unreal, etc, etc.


You’re shifting the goalposts now. Zwift is a 3D game that relies heavily on hardware acceleration, I can’t see any reason why it could/would be browser-based. I see you couldn’t find any notable examples.

As for why it uses a completely proprietary engine and not one of those mentioned by Steve above - well that’s because it started off as an individual’s hobby project and exploded. If they were starting again from scratch I’m sure they’d do it differently, and a number of us have expressed hope that this is quietly going off in the background or is at least planned.


More important is to not force an update upon game start.

If I start zwift, I want to ride NOW, and update after. Not update now and ride later.

Simple !

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Zwift is not web based. It runs native and is very resource intensive. Only the launcher is some sort of web based app but that’s not what drives the requirements

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Let’s see.

Each time I starr zwift, it connects to a web based authentication server.

Then when I choose a route that gets downloaded from a web based service.

Then, while I am riding, my status is constantly being uploaded to a web server.

Meanwhile all the other current user’s data is being pushed to me from a web service.

Finally, when I finish my ride, the final results are uploaded to not only zwift, but companion web services like strava and garmin.

All the while people who are logged into zwift can message each other via web based services within the zwift application

Saying Zwift isn’t a web based application is stupid. The point I was trying to make is that the fact that zwift is not simply some kind of pure web application, built from the ground up to be platform independent and run from within a browser, rather than as a native application is the first and probably most significant mistake.

I’ll stop you there. No it doesn’t. It connects to an internet-based authentication server. A totally different thing.

Sorry but you seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of software/internet architecture, which invalidates all your points, e.g. thinking Zwift would be suitable to run in a browser.



Please explain the difference between “Web based authentication server” and “internet based authentication server”

Try Google. But you also don’t understand software architecture and network architecturecture so you’re missing so much I’d suggest to stop digging this particular hole.

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If you knew what I do for a living, you would probably regret that statement

Oh dear.


Or, maybe you feel that any service available on the “Internet” which doesn’t use HTTP as part of the protocol isn’t “Web Based”. That’s like saying it’s not a “Cake” , it’s a “Torte”.

Ok, keep digging then.


Dude, I am not going to waste my time with you. You are arrogant.
The fact that an app communicates using the internet does not make it a web app in the common sense. Zwift does not run in a browser at all and does not use browser technologies for the game experience. The graphics and the game engine are not based on web technologies and they run native on the hardware. That is what drive the system requirements. The game does a lot of internet communication like all games now a days. That does not make them web app.