Training Plan restrictions/blackout

Even with the recent update, the restrictions on training plans are still frustrating as heck. I started on a Monday evening, when it told me I had to wait 12 hours, which feels like a bug in and of itself (especially as after I did a custom workout it said “available in 7 minutes”). But even though it’s lowered the wait time from what, 12 hours to 8 - why is it there at all? Also it’s good that I can now

Look, I get it, it’s attempting to encourage people not to overtrain. But why overcomplicate things with this absolutely bananas restrictive system? I have only once ever managed to get a Zwift Training plan to work for me with the same ease and flexibility that using something such as TrainingPeaks does. It’s crazy over designed.

Zwift training plans are still unnecessarily prescriptive - training blackout window is affected by plan start day/time

Proposed solution
Make each training week 7 days long, featuring rest days. Don’t add time blockers/lock later weeks. That way, it doesn’t matter what day I start as it’s not doing it by calendar week, it’s going by “when you started” week, and even if it gets that wrong or something changes, I can manually select a different workout e.g. if I miss/skip a day. Guidance and recommendations to be explained through the training programme, not through blackout restrictions.