Training plans not starting correctly

Hello, I came to the training plans and wanted to start Zwift 101 today, which is a Monday, and it tells me the first workout is available in 14 hours…?
I literally had my bibs on and everything just to become frustrated with the inability to do the workout I wanted.
I tried contacting support but no response via live chat and I have to wait for an email.
Please help me understand how the training plan set up works. Right now it seems broken. Thanks, Andrew


Hey Andrew!

I had sent you an email inquiring about what exactly was happening, then found this forum post with all the details I needed, and have since sent you an email reply to the missed chats. In case you see this before you see the email, I will paste my response to the conversation here:

Hey Andrew!

I found your forum post about this issue, which provided me with the extra information that I needed.

I see that you have ‘joined’ and ‘ended’ the training plan in question numerous times, so I was confused on what was happening exactly.

With the issue being that the first work out isn’t unlocked right away, it’s because workouts on training plans tend to unlock in the morning, so if you sign up in the afternoon or at night, you need to wait till the next mornings unlock window for the workout to be available.

It’s done this way as most people sign up for workout plans before they are ready to do the actual first workout, such as during lunch at work or while watching netflix in the evening.

I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience for you but this is the proper function of the Training Plans system.

Feel free to ask any further questions you may have!

Ride On!

Please ask any further questions via reply to the email conversation, as I will be out of the office for the next few days and one of my colleagues will be able to pick up any further questions while I’m gone!