Training plan workout availability

It can be really frustrating to wait for workouts to unlock in a training plan. I have an infant child and my workout time has to be worked around his schedule, which sometimes means I need to be able to go earlier. On several occasions I’ve built a copy of a workout, done it, then marked that I did it outside.

I get that they’re spaced out to allow for recovery time, but make it a suggestion instead of a requirement. And please don’t say it’ll be available “Tuesday Morning” and then when I wake up on Tuesday ready to go at 7am I see that it’s not available until 11am. It needs to be more flexible.

@Clayton_Combe as far as the available on X morning my understanding is the times are based off Pacific Time. It would be nice if the available time would be contingent on the users time zone and not Zwift HQ and/or they give a specific time it will be available and not the vague “morning” or “evening”

Change the time and date on your device then when in ride change it back. If you are running Apple TV all you can do is change the time zone.

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Thanks a lot @Niki_Tischhauser!
I’m facing a similar circumstance as @Clayton_Combe. As I’m working shifts, my schedule is quite fix. Having earlyshift and a workout being available at 7pm is quite a bummer, when the alarm clock to wake up is set to around 4 am.