Training Plans locked to US time zones?

I am in Japan (app time zone / payment set to JST and JPY) and doing a training plan. My Monday workout only becomes available on Tuesday morning (and the time it becomes available is not displayed - just ‘Tue AM’), which means my Friday workout is only available on Saturday.

I like to spend my weekends snowboarding but this is incompatible with the training plan timing. I also like to workout on Monday and have Sunday as my recovery day, but the plan doesn’t allow me to start until on Tuesday morning.

I did Build me Up 2 years ago and figured that this time zone inflexibility would have been fixed by now. Personally I really like the accountability and feeling of achievement from having a plan, but in their current form the timings are completely impractical.

It seems like a very easy technical fix to either:
a) link the plan to your time zone.
b) enable you to start the plan at any time on any day and just have things unlock based on hours passed rather than days.

Anyone found a workaround for this, or is the ‘feature’ being developed? It’s likely to be the difference between me happily using Zwift in a structured manner over the winter, or losing structure in my weekday training.

I’m in NZ and so even further ahead than you, and the TP connection works fine for me. So to put another way, for the Windows PC version with a paid TP account then it works fine in NZ.

However my wife that uses the built in training plans and has same issue you describe, also on a windows PC. She’s not really tried to sort a workaround.

Thanks Duncan. I’m AppleTV and don’t want to pay for a TP (trainingpeaks?) account. It seems a lot of other people have issues with the native training plan timings and have been raising it for years now to no avail. And it seems like a really easy fix.

I think I’m going to reach out to a Zwift Product Manager through LinkedIn and see if I can get this sorted.

Thanks for the input though!